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What Is Your Biggest Expense? (after taxes, of course)

Most People Think It's Their House

(Could It Be Your Car?)

Hello again

In the first report you received we focused on how a little "out of the box" thinking can make a dramatic change in your life. It described the story of Judy and Betty and how their choice (whether they realized they had a choice or not), made the difference of a 3 year old car or over $1 Million Dollars.

At that time, we told you we had another interesting financial comparison we'd like to show you. Here it is ....

Your House or Your Car?

What is your BIGGEST expense?

You have all heard over and over again that buying a house will be the biggest money decision you'll make in your lifetime.

Maybe not?

In the report you received a few days ago, you discovered how our average 20 yr old ("Judy") would have to take home over 400,000.00 dollars to have a 3 year old automobile in her driveway, at age 65.

Let's assume that our same 20 year old Judy buys her first new home, worth 150,000 dollars, the same year she buys that first new car.

Although her monthly payments on the mortgage will initially be triple her monthly car payments, let's see where she ends up at age 65.

(You might find that her retirement party is getting worse and worse....)

Judy choose a 25 year mortgage (most people choose 30 years), at 65 she has paid a total of almost $500,000.00 to her lender over the course of her mortgage.

(Is it any wonder the bank stocks are reporting huge profits!!)

The good news is that her interest on the mortgage is tax-deductible in most countries, (unfortunately, not all).

The Great News is that Judy's house should have appreciated dramatically over those 45 years!!

Let's Compare Judy's Results

  • Judy's Car Financing
  • Judy ended up paying $267,000.00 (after taxes) for a three year-old car at age 65. (3 year old car value = not very much! )
  • Judy's House Financing
  • She paid $500,000.00 with tax breaks and benefits, for a house that has APPRECIATED over 45 years to way over 2 million dollars!
  • (taking the last historical 45 years as an appreciation guideline).


Judy paid $500,000.00 for her house that's worth $2,000,000.00


She paid $267,000.00 ($400,000 in earnings!) for a 3 year old car!


What is the better financial move?

What do you think was her biggest expense??

It's ironic how the majority of people will work diligently to make sure they are making a wise financial decision when it comes to buying a house. The majority of people don't consider that there might be a choice when it comes to driving their cars.

The smart silent minority of people will also put the effort into arranging for their driving needs. It's a huge money decision!

(Some of you might be wondering what smart Betty did when it comes to mortgaging her house. Unfortunately, that's another entire program. Yes, with some hard work, you can live mortgage free!)


We hope these examples have given you an insight to some of the financial choices you are making. It isn't like winning the lottery, there are actions you have to take and it is a process that requires some effort on your part. However, small consistant actions, over time, can have dramatic resulsts.

To see how simple, tiny changes can turn a ugly situation into something beautiful, click here..

Hopefully our story of Judy and Betty will encourage you to take some action. The amount of money you will spend on your car, over the course of your lifetime, can make a HUGE difference in your lifestyle.

Just imagine the money you could save if you could figure out how to eliminate car payments (without eliminating your car)

(Here comes another shameless plug!):

We have published"16 Proven Ways To Drive A FREE Car!", so that you can learn ALL the proven ways that might let you become "car payment free"

(end of shameless plug!)

Thanks for reading these reports

We'll be giving you a few more interesting concepts in the other reports.


Or, if you received this report by emil and don't want to learn about any more "out of the box" ideas please unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email you received.

As always, the choice is yours!

Thanks for your time!

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