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Drive A FREE Car - Your Reality Check

If it sounds too good to be true.......?

After many years of selling this "free car" program I have discovered that there are a few individuals who are living on a different planet from the rest of us. Below is a small collection of the emails I've received regarding this program in the past few years:

"I'm about to get my license back from a DUI (driving under the influence), can I still
get a free wrapped car?

"I've bought your ebook, how long does it take until I get my free car and are their any Explorers (blue) right now?

"Send me your ebook for free and if it works I'll tell everyone and send you the money!

Reality Check

There are actually people who believe that as soon as they finish reading the ebook they will run to their front window and see a new free car sitting in their driveway!

The car wrap companies have strict criteria for their drivers. If your situation isn't right for the car wrap companies you WON'T get a wrapped car. There are many other ways to get a free car. They ALL require some effort!

Even applying for the "get paid to drive" or "free wrapped car" programs actually requires you to make an effort and actually sit down at your computer and apply!

I received an email from a gentleman who said the program didn't work for him. When I asked him how many applications he'd submitted, or which method he had chosen, he emailed and told me he read the book and nothing else!

And he was suprised it didn't work for him???

The ebook is a "how to" program that contains the detailed information of how people are driving for free. It is not a delivery service for your free car.

If you are going to simply read the information and then do nothing, then please don't waste your time (or mine!) If you are a reasonable human being who is able to realize the benefits of the information and you are willing to take some action, you will find a method that works for you. Some methods take longer than others, some are harder than others, they ALL work!

There are incredible benefits to making the effort and getting a free car. But, just like everything in the real world, you have to make the effort!

To answer some of those emails from above:

1: (Have been convicted of drunk driving?): You won't get a "free wrapped car" program to give you a car if you have a bad driving record, or drive in an area that doesn't give their advertiser exposure!

2: (Are there any Explorers?): This program isn't a car finder, I don't know how long until you get a free car, it's up to you to take action after reading this information!

3: (Send me the program for free?): Not a chance! If you aren't willing to pay for this insider

information you have the choice to go out and research this for yourself. It is all a matter of deciding what your time is worth. If $29.95 is worth more than the hundreds of hours it will take you to research all this information than I suggest that is what you do. I value my time and won't be "giving" this program away!

Hopefully this little "reality check" makes sense to you. Any legitimate program that can save you this type of money, year after year, will require some effort on your part. The amount of effort will depend on your own unique situation. Please don't finish the ebook and run to the window dissappointed. This program is real, not hype, but it requires you to do something with the information you will learn! This is REAL information that actually works, if you do!

ps. there isn't a tooth fairy either!

Free Car Guru


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