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A welcomed rescure


The following is a story how the Pepper Pager was used. At the end of the story, you will find a bonus offer just for you.
Kim loved spending time with the kids at the community center. She remembered how important her mentors were to her when she was growing up, and she enjoyed the chance to give something back. The only thing she didn't enjoy about her volunteer work was trying to find a safe parking place in the neighborhood. Some nights, she really understood why so many of these kids were at risk. At the same time, she wanted to project an air of confidence and security - she couldn't let any of her kids see how nervous she was. That's when she discovered the Pepper Pager. The Pepper Pager looks like a standard pager - the kind that many business people clip to their belts. Instead of delivering important messages, the Pepper Pager protects its owners from dangerous attackers by concealing up to twelve bursts of debilitating pepper spray.
One night, while heading back to her car after a late session, a haggard man accosted Kim on the street, demanding money. She tried to walk past him, but he kept blocking her path. "What's your hurry?" he asked. Another man strolled out from an alleyway behind Kim. "Hey, Jake," he called out, "this girl's in a hurry!" Kim pleaded, "Just let me pass, guys." Jake mocked her, crying, "Just let me pass," in a singsong voice. Jake's friend reached out to grab her. That's when she grabbed the Pepper Pager from her belt and sprayed the attacker right in the eyes. As he screamed in pain, Kim spun around to see Jake lunging at her. She blasted a second shot of pepper spray at him, which sent him tumbling through the ground. Kim ran up the street, hopped in her car, locked the doors and dialed 9-1-1. Within minutes, two less criminals haunted that neighborhood.

Yours in safety,

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