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We have two proven programs that many For-Profit and Non-Profit business, entrepreneurs, and income seekers are using to raise funding for various projects. You could raise up to ANY amount in funding (you set the goals) with no loans, no banks, and no commitments. See the information link below to learn more!
Fund Raising For:
  • Church Groups
  • Boy & Girl Scout Troops
  • YMCA/YWCA Groups
  • School Activities (Band, Choir, Drill, Cheer, Sports, etc...)
  • American Legion/VFW Origanizations
  • Social Club Groups
  • Many/Any Other Projects

Grocery Coupons
We have a proven product and reputation for having the Number One Grocery Savings Program in the United States. Just one of our grocery coupon certificate books can save a family a minimum of $200 in grocery savings. Each book is a stand-alone savings tool in that it includes a list of over 1200 national name brand products. The user can choose the coupons that they know they want and use on a regular basis and will take to almost any store in the country.

Our manufacturer's coupons are the very same as those you would see in the Sunday area newspapers in the supplement section where companies advertise. We have established a network of organizations over virtually every section of the United States who sells us these coupons daily. Any grocery store, drug store, or any type retail store that accepts manufacturer's coupons will accept these coupons.

We have found these grocery savings books to be excellent tools for use as fund-raisers for organizations such as yours. We know from experience that donors are much more likely to contribute to a fundraising cause if they themselves will benefit from the donation. We have substantial expertise in this area and will be glad to work with you should you start a fundraising campaign.

Discount Name Brand Kids Clothing
Organize and Host house parties, present to day care & pre-schools, distribute Flyers/Business Cards...Let your customers know they can go on a shopping spree and NEVER pay retail again!

For more information contact:
Collin Wilson
Collin Wilson Enterprises
800-404-1475 Ext. 247961
Fund Raising Projects

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