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Crazygood In-depth Review
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Crazygood In-depth Review
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This Review was particularly significant for me!

Review:(From Paid Networker)

Crazy Good receives our Editors Choice award for the best in Privacy. The affiliate compensation structure of Crazy Good is on a Multi-Tiered MLM Basis through 5 levels and offers unlimited width of direct referrals. Privacy is the paramount feature touted here. All search engines are blocked from crawling the site, a plus if privacy is a concern to you when using a social network.

The site is ad free and the only one we’ve reviewed which is. The compensation plan is very simple and easy to understand. The overall investment to be a member is relatively low at $10/mo. They are the only paying social network we have seen that has mobile apps in development. Considering a large portion of people accessing social networks are using smart phones we find it hard to believe others aren’t doing so. Kudos to Crazy Good for working on this.

Due to the site’s privacy standards, the minimum age to participate in Crazy Good is 13. This is significantly lower than other networks.
Paypal is the payment provider they are using to compensate their Affiliates. In our view this is a positive as Paypal is globally recognized and their fees are reasonable compared to other payment providers.

Crazy Good should be commended as they not only believe in supporting good causes they live by what they say. The first 10% of all member fees goes to charity and the users have a say in what charity receives the needed funds.

On the downside Crazy Good only pays a total 50% of member fees to affiliates. We think this is a bit low when comparing them to other monetary social networks. The only other negative we have with Crazy Good is there is no free option to use the site. If you want to use Crazy Good you must sign up as a paying user from the start.

One interesting feature parents may like is they can have up to 2 sub accounts at no additional charge. These could be used for other family members or children and the parents would be able to not only monitor what is going on but be safe in the knowledge they won’t be exposed to advertising.

We should note, Crazy Good does offer an option to apply to be a Non-Member Affiliate. Meaning being an affiliate but not a paying member or user of the site. We doubt they will approve many to do so and our best guess is, it’s an option only for legal reasons. If you want to market Crazy Good as an affiliate but not be a paying member, we say move on.

Affiliate Compensation:

Crazy Good’s compensation plan is very straight forward. They charge $10/mo membership fee to use the site. They give 10% off the top to a charity selected by the users, give 50% to the affiliates, and keep 40% for themselves. They pay a 10% referral commission, which is $1.00, on each level through 5 levels of referrals.

Example Earnings:

Example 1 – Each user pays $10/mo and each brings in 3 users

Level People Earn $1/user
Direct 3 $3.00
Level 2 9 $9.00
Level 3 27 $27.00
Level 4 81 $81.00
Level 5 243 $243.00
Total 363 $363.00/mo

Example 2 – Each user pays $10/mo and each brings in 6 users

Level People Earn $1/user
Direct 6 $6.00
Level 2 36 $36.00
Level 3 216 $216.00
Level 4 1,296 $1,296.00
Level 5 7,776 $7,776.00
Total 9,330 $9,330.00/mo


If you are serious about making money through monetary social networking, Crazy Good is a no brainer. It’s low cost membership and simple compensation plan make it easy to market.

To note: Facebook has approx 500M members. Ready to join Crazygood and invite 2M affiliate friends?

To note 1: Facebook has approx 500M members. Ready to join Crazygood and invite 2M affiliate friends?
To note 2: This is an international opportunity for individuals, groups and charities.

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