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Discount Kidsware

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Church Groups See This!
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Discount Kids Clothing
Discount Kids Clothing 
Save Half Off Store Prices 
A new way for YOUR Church, Synagogue or Other Charity Group to help those in need.

Now You Can Show Families how they can Save BIG Money on
Quality Kidswear! They Order direct from us at
 50% to 70% Below-Store Prices...

  And YOUR organization Receives big generous Contributions for your efforts.

Dear: Sir/Mam :

            My name is VanNessa Hightower. I have been authorized as the official name-brand kidswear closeout specialist in your area. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a whole new way for you to help families in need save money on their Kids Clothes.
Through special arrangements with several of the world's most famous kidswear designers, parents can now save 50% to 70% off store prices on kidswear from famous name brands like GAP,GUESS, POLO, OSHKOSH,ADIDAS, TOMMY HILFIGER, and more.
They can save hundreds of dollars by simply ordering at low, below-store save  those tiring searches through stores, and waiting  in the line for busy salespeople.
For your effort in showing families how to order and save over the internet, we send you a contribution equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the kidswear selling price for every order received from your church members and others.

Here is how it works.

          You advise those in need to simply log on to  and enter your password which I will assign exclusively for your organization.
This gives them exclusive access to a whole parade of high-quality designer kidswear to be delivered directly to them at huge savings. All these Kids clothes come to them in perfect, factory-sealed condition fully guaranteed for store-like quality. Moreover, their order will generally be processed within 48 hours.
Our company is one of America's leading closeout specialists. We find stores and outlets that are overstocked or that may be experiencing financial hardship. We buy, in some cases, their entire inventory. This gives them badly needed cash, and we in turn pass the savings on to customers.
In stores, families might expect to spend $15,$20,$50 or more for name brand kids clothes. There cost over the internet will be 50% to 70% below these prices. When you consider how often parents must but new clothes for their growing kids, you can see how the savings can add up.
We keep a record of the special passwords given to you. You provide this password to all your families who would like to save on there kidswear purchases. We can thus track every order that is attributed to you. On a monthly basis, we will send a contribution to your organization equal to ten percent (10%) of the sales price of each order.

                 There is no cost or obligation, and no membership fee is required for your people to log on to our website at any time.

I hope you will appreciate this new way to help families in need save money on their purchases of kidswear, while you receive ongoing contributions for your efforts.
For Full details email me at

Thank you.


VanNessa Hightower

Local Kidswear Closeout Specialist

P.S.  Again , I urge you to  email me for full details at  

There is no cost to sign up your organization.

I need the Name of the Organization. ________________________

address, City,State, Zip. __________________________________

I need a contact Person and Telephone Number. _______________

Contact Email So I can send you the Assigned Code for your Organization._____________________ that way you can get people to sign up.

I will mail you a copy of the sales letter  to copy

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