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"Driving A Free Car Isn't Normal??"

Sometimes you just have to reply....

We received an email that we just had to respond to. Usually we receive the occasional question from someone looking to purchase a copy of our "Free Car" program and ebook. But this one was over the top...

To make a long email very short, this particular woman went off about how driving a free car wasn't right! She was upset that people were actually doing this. She thought it MUST be illegal. (????)

We politely directed her to our "reality check" to make sure she understood this wasn't a car locator service or a "get rich quick" scheme.

She email back even more wound up than before...

Is it possible that people can become so comfortable and numb that they get upset when anything "out of the ordinary" challenges their hardened beliefs?

This lady called us every name in the book. (By the way, she hadn't purchased or read the ebook!)

She end of her tirade by saying that she didn't know anyone who was driving for free, and that if it was true the majority of people would be doing it by now...

And then she finished off with the kicker (quote).."This just isn't normal!!" (end quote)

After offering this program for many years now we've learned that it isn't wise to keep responding to these types of emails. These people get more and more wound up the more you challenge them. (I think flaming emails have become their hobby!)

Anyway, We just wanted to respond to the idea that Driving A Free Car ISN'Tnormal!

Actually, she's right. It isn't normal.

So what is normal?

We think that normal is anything that the MAJORITY (over 50%) of people do!

Using that definition, we hope this lady ISN'T striving to be normal.

Here's what trying to be normal would mean:

  • You'd want your kids to be obese (more than 50% now are)
  • You'd hope that your marriage would fail (more than 50% do)
  • You'd hope to be financially underfunded for retirement (more than 75% are)
  • You'd hope you can become overweight (the majority of people now are)
  • You'd hope you'd hate your job (60% of workers do)
  • You wish to have so much debt you'll consider bankruptcy (over 50% of the population is carrying a huge credit debt)

If this lady is set on being NORMAL, she can have it. All the power to her! We think it might be better to be abnormal!!

If you are interested in stepping out of the mindless parade and considering some options that the majority (normal) people aren't even aware of, good for you.

(end of rant)

Thanks, we feel better after ranting. And of course, you can start stepping away from these mindless cattle by learning how to drive for free!

Ask yourself:

What are you going to do with the money you'll save?

What will it feel like to NOT be normal and DRIVE FOR FREE?

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