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Crazygood Pros and Cons
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Significant information for your consideration!

(From Paid Networker)
•   Ad Free site
•   Highest ranked for Privacy
•   Low cost $10/mo
•   10% of all revenue goes to Charity picked by the users
•   Simple compensation plan. You receive $1 for each person in your referral network through 5 levels
•   Uses PayPal
•   Has Mobile apps for the iPhone & Android under development
•   Has 2 sub accounts where Parents can monitor children
•   Must be 13+ years old
•   Only 50% payout of revenue to affiliates
•   You cannot sign-up for a free account-it is a 100% pay to use site
Other Factors:
•   All search engines and bots are blocked for the privacy of members
•   Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma

To note 1: Facebook has approx 500M members. Ready to join Crazygood and invite 2M affiliate friends?
To note 2: This is an international opportunity for individuals, groups and charities.

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